Hotel Automation

Hotel Automation

We recognize the pressure hotel owners are under when it comes to running their properties. Occupancy fluctuations, keeping guest accommodations competitive over increasing energy costs are major concerns faced by the hospitality industry.

For the hotel industry, fear of compromising guest comfort because of advancements in energy management is common. Due to the advancements in technology, the assumption that energy management solutions adversely impacts guest comfort is largely unfounded.

The advancements in submetering, wireless technology, data collection, & hotel automation systems are made seamless to the guests. This has contributed in a big way towards Hotel automation and has made smarter hotels.

Energy Saving & Hotel Automation

When it comes to energy costs, excess lighting, cooling & heating for hours poses a significant loss. Energy management solutions which utilize self-powered, wireless IoT based technology, allows hotels to monitor, manage & control its energy consumption. Taking control while optimizing operational systems, can result in energy savings from a minimum of 20% up to 50%.

Flexibility & Scalability

In addition to energy savings when compared to traditional wired solutions, wireless technology offers far greater flexibility & convenience. EnOcean solutions don’t require renovations, they can be installed in the time it takes to clean a hotel room.

Wireless, self-powered energy management solutions are both flexible and scalable. They can be implemented as stand-alone, in-room applications or as a complete solution utilizing a robust & secure software platform.

Guest Satisfaction & Energy Cost in Hotel Automation

Guest satisfaction is the number one priority in the hospitality industry. The hotel operators are often hesitant to engage in hotel automation activities. Because these are sometimes perceived as a reduction in comfort & convenience in the overall brand experience.

However, energy cost is the single fastest growing operating cost in this industry. Electricity in hotel rooms is wasted in a number of ways because of electrical devices unnecessarily kept on. Hotel operators who considered are using these solutions have reduced lighting and plug loads in hotel rooms. They have achieved a reduced energy consumption cost by at least 20 percent.

Hundreds of hotels around the world have realized considerable benefits in energy savings by using IoT technology. The advanced solutions have also been deployed in many of hotels in the U.S. including both Wyndham and Starwood Hotels. Both these hotels have selected this solution and its provider, EnOcean for in-room energy management technology.

Wireless & Battery IoT Devices for Hotel Automation

Using wireless, battery-less energy management solutions in hotels automation can be accomplished without the burden of expensive & disruptive installations. Wireless systems can be deployed in hotel rooms without needing to take rooms out of commission during installation.

All devices can be pre-configured and fully programmed so that they are ready for easy installation. In most instances, a knowledgeable facilities team can complete the installation.

The main driver for the implementation of wireless energy management technology is economic. Hotel owners are looking for additional ways to reduce money & energy consumption, which can positively impact the bottom line.

Return of Investment (ROI) by Hotel Automation

Hotels that incorporate EnOcean’s, lighting and HVAC control can expect energy savings of 20 to 50%. This typically represents simple paybacks in less than 3 years. Hotel owners should also check out available incentives & rebates through their states energy office or their respective utility provider. There are both prescriptive and custom incentives that can make a substantial difference while finding money to pay for energy efficient retrofits.

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Hotel Automation

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